Vøringsfossen waterfall in Eidfjord Norway


Vøringsfossen Waterfall in Eidfjord

The Voringfossen waterfall is unmistakable with its beauty and splendor. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway. You can find Vøringsfossen in the municipality of Eidfjord if you drive along the scenic Highway 7 as it crosses the Hardanger plateau before going down to the Hardanger Fjord.

As with waterfalls of this magnitude, its surrounded by hazards and dangers. Several fatalities have been recorded with ever-growing tourists becoming bold by exploring unsecured areas just to get a selfie. Let that not sway you away, however, as this waterfall is simply magnificent to behold. It’s also freakin’ awesome to take photos of too and by far one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Scandinavia.

You can see two waterfalls, the other is called Tyssvikjofossen, converging into a river in the canyon below. The waterfalls drop about 183 meters joined together at the top of Mabodalen. Voringfossen is fed by the Bjoreia River where an electricity generating hydroelectric dam regulates the water.


Voringfossen is in the municipality of Eidfjord in the Hordaland region of Norway.

GPS Coordinates: 60°25′39″ N and 7°15′6″ E


There are hiking trails in and around the waterfalls but you don’t need to hike to get the best view. There’s actually a parking lot at the very top of the waterfall with a chalet around the corner.


During late spring and early summer months are the best time to visit the falls as the water level that is feeding the falls are high. You want to get there very early before the sun comes up for the best photo opportunities.

Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, 6 sec, ISO 100
Camera Sony A7II
Lens Sony FE 24-240mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Eidfjord, Norway

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