Always Wanderlust Vøringfossen and Tyssvikjo Watefall, Eidfjord Norway

Vøringfossen, Eidfjord Norway

Vøringfossen Waterfall Sunset

The Vøringfossen waterfall drops about 600 feet, free-falling into the river Bjoreia which in turn shapes the grand canyon Måbødalen. There are two waterfalls feeding the river, Tyssvikjo and this waterfall (pictured).

Most people believe Tyssvikjo is Voringfossen because it is visible first, but this waterfall is definitely the larger one.

Ok, why come here? Look at the photo. This place is phenomenal. It’s one of Norway’s great wonder. If you’re a photographer, nature lover, or just a plain adventure-loving dude (or dudette).

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