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Hi, I’m Adonis. If the name evokes a godlike aura do not be alarmed. It comes from Greek mythology, meaning handsome youth. I’m neither of both and I believe my parents may have been a little too ambitious. Alas, I’m just a nerd with a passion for adventure and photography.

Always Wanderlust @ Torres Del Paine

Always Wanderlust

I’m not Greek. I’m not even a god. In fact, I hail from the opposite side of the globe in one of the 7,000 islands in the Philippines called Negros. At a young age, I was plucked out of my island paradise into a rugged new world in California. But California can’t contain my wanderlust. Since then I’ve been to 54 countries and still counting.


Is this blog about? It’s not about my midlife crisis. It’s about adventures. It’s about pursuing the life you’ve always wanted at any time in your lifetime. Perhaps crack a few beers, overdose on adrenaline, and take a few cool pictures along the way. Just check these out: Norway, Eastern Sierras, Tahoe, or Pacific Coast.

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

I also collect moments not things and by moments, I mean unscripted adventures, like the one time I nearly got devoured by an army of rabid goats, or that time when I got detained for drugs in Norway, or even that time when I accidentally ordered raw steak, and that time I lost my friend at a Japanese fire festival.


I was bitten by the Wanderlust bug during a 6-month car trip to Europe in the summer of 2013. Since then I’ve visited over 56 countries.

Adonis On Motorcycle

Me on my Motorcycle. Read how I built it!


Should you read this blog? Whether it’s going on a 3-day micro-adventure or a one-year sabbatical. Traveling near or far. I hope to awaken the adventurer in you. This is isn’t your typical “Quit your job to travel the world” blog. You shouldn’t quit your job, that’s just silly. It’s about making travel a greater focus in life because if you put more priority on something, you can make it happen.

JD and I with friends during a bike ride in San Francisco.

With Good Friend on a Bike Ride in San Francisco.


Do I afford to travel? I work like everyone else. Save a lot of money by living a very minimalistic lifestyle. I travel cheap and sometimes free by couch surfing and taking on random volunteer projects at workaway. You can save money for travel.

Always Wanderlust Chasing Japow in Hakuba image 10

Snowboarding in Japan

I’m going to show you that travel is affordable and that you too can live a life of travel and adventures


My bucket list grows larger the more I get out there and explore. So come, collect moments with me and join me on my adventures!

The seven ladders canyon hike is popular hike near Brasov.

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