Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg

Cheap Flights from Los Angeles to Gothenburg

Cheap flights from LAX to Gothenburg for only $375 round trip! The prices fluctuate like crazy so it’s better if you secure the deal now than later. I just looked at this deal minutes ago and it was at $329.

If you’re not traveling right now are very flexible (recommended), you can find the best deals through this link at SKYSCANNER.

Read why I recommend Gothenburg: Why You Should Visit Gothenburg Sweden

How to find cheap flights?

I found these deals via SKYSCANNER | Android | iOS

Google Software ITA Matrix

Every Tuesday I will post an alert for flight deals to places I’ve been. I use these alerts to get me cheap one-way or round-trip tickets to some of the coolest spots in the world. So far, I’ve been to over 55 countries without breaking the bank using this method. The more flexible you are the better.

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