A Tuscan Countryside

A Tuscan Countryside

I was driving around Tuscan Countryside, basically lost, looking for things to photograph. The skies were kind of hazy that day and didn’t expect there would be a colorful sunset. You can never really know anyways and I just decided to take the chance and go for it. You never know if haze can create a blazing sunset!

I came around the hills from a road I don’t really know and frankly, I didn’t know whereas I headed either when this scene materialized. I didn’t have time to find a good place to shoot so I set up my tripod along the road to take this photo.

The Tuscan Countryside is gorgeous – Including the powerlines. SMH.

Have you been to Tuscany?

Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, 1/20 sec, f/8, ISO 100
Camera Canon 5D MKII
Lens Canon TSE 45mm f/28
Filter Polarizer
Location Tuscany, Italy

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