The Seattle Skyline with Mount Rainier

The Seattle Skyline with Mount Rainier

The Seattle with Mount Rainier

I’ve been trying to get a good photo of this place since I moved to Seattle last October. There used to be a construction crane blocking the view just a few weeks ago. Also, the weather did not cooperate so I couldn’t get a good shot of this view.

On this day, luck was with me. The weather was clear and the haze was gone making Mount Rainier visible over the horizon. The crane as gone as well!.

This spot is at Kerry Park off Queen’s Anne ave – an affluent area in the city. It can get very crowded. However, even with all the tourists and photographers there you can squeeze your way in and capture your shot.

If you walk further on Queen Anne ave, you’ll get to another spot that has a nice view of the ocean, probably better for sunsets if you didn’t want to include the city in the frame.

The camera I used was a Sony A7II that I’ve since replaced with the Sony A7III – read my guide about the Best Travel Cameras or the Best Mirrorless Cameras if you want gear than can do this scene justice. Just like I have, you’ll have to mount the camera on a tripod and use a circular polarizer.

Have you been to Seattle?

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