Sunny Sunflowers

Sunny Sunflowers

Sunny Sun Flowers

I’m like, super-stoked right now! 
NatGeo is going to buy this image and publish it on their 2019 wall and engagement Calendar – their standard rate for the wall calendar is $480 and the engagement is $275.

Getting published by the National Geographic is a freakin’ extreme honor for a landscape and travel photographer. I’ve been chasing NatGeo for ages – tagging them on Instagram from all over the world during my travels.

I’ve scaled mountain peaks. Flew halfway around the world. Crossed super hot desserts. Hitchhiked and slept on random strangers couches. Took more photos than I could ever count in a lifetime and yet nada.

No NatGeo knocking on my door.

But here. A random fucking photo I took, practically in my backyard 10 years ago is getting the nod to be published and sold by NatGeo!

I’m scratching my head as to what’s so special about this photo? I barely lifted a finger to capture this. I was coming home on a weekend from the Bay Area with an awesome photo session along the coast and I just happened to glance at this Sunflower farm on the way home and I figured, meh why not?

Well, that was one lucky press of a shutter button :)

Please purchase the 2019 Natgeo Calendar next year!

Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, 1/4 sec, ISO 100
Camera Canon EOS 5D
Lens Canon 24mm TSE
Filter Polarizer
Location Davis, California
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