The Seven Sisters Waterfall Flowing Into The Geirangerfjord

The Seven Sisters Waterfall Flowing Into The Geirangerfjord

The Seven Sisters Waterfall in Geiranger

Seen from a distance the waterfalls may resemble the hair of seven girls, hence it’s been known as “The Seven Sisters”. On the other side of the fjord, you may see “The Suitor”, a waterfall shaped like a jar. Legends tell us how “The Suitor” suggested to “The Seven Sisters” several times and was always rebuffed, leaving the “The Seven Sisters” unmarried, whilst “The Suitor” turned into the bottle.

The old deserted farm Knivsflå lies next to “The Seven Sisters” which you can see with the reference photo below. The farm was built on the sunny side of the fjord and therefore spring arrived early, which made the conditions for running the farm especially good and there was always plenty of food, even in hard times. Unfortunately, due to the terrain, accidents and deaths were a reoccurring problem for the people living there. Finally, the inhabitants left the farm in the year 1898 due to the dangerous terrain and fear of avalanches.

Farms on mountain legdes

Farms on a mountain ledge. Skagefla is seen at the very bottom.

Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, 1/30 sec, f/16, ISO 100
Camera Canon 5D MKII
Lens Canon 45mm TS-E
Filter Polarizer
Location Geiranger, Norway

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