Seattle Skyline from Jose Rizal Bridge

Seattle Skyline from Jose Rizal Bridge

The View From Jose Rizal Bridge

The bridge is named after the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal, who was credited for having freed the country from Spanish rule. The bridge offers spectacular views of the city of Seattle and as such a popular place for photographers.

The area around the park is a bit run down and you might encounter some homeless people walking about. Just below this bridge and over the freeway there’s a homeless encampment. Too bad, the views are really good.

If you’re there, exercise caution. Stick to other photographers around the bridge; there’s bound to be a few since it’s a popular spot. Lock your cars and take your valuables. I don’t mean to scare you.

Nothing’s ever happened to me from all the times I’ve been there. But, petty theft, I heard is common in the area. If you have very expensive photography gear, don’t flaunt it.

This photo was taken with the Sony A7 III mounted on a tripod. Even with a tripod, you can still get shakes because of buses passing by and rocking the bridge. Time your shots when the bus gets pass the bridge for long exposures. I’ve had a few shots come out blurry because of this.

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