Schloss Hohenschwangau

Schloss Hohenschwangau is located in southwestern Bavaria, Germany. It’s the actual residence of the mad king who built it’s much more famous neighbor, Schloss Neuschwanstein.

It’s worth a visit if you have the time and determination. Castle Hohenschwangau’s surroundings are what makes it intriguing. Snow-capped mountains and green plains over the horizon. Schloss is just another word for “castle” with “burg” being the other one.

You’ll need a graduated ND filter to capture these kinds of scenery. However, you can also set your camera to AEB mode and capture 5-9 different exposures of the same scene. You can then blend these exposures in Photoshop later to even out the contrast. It’s called “exposure blending” and it’s now my preferred method over the graduated ND filter.

You do still want a circular polarizer filter (I used it to capture this image) as you can’t reproduce the effect in Photoshop. Grab the best travel camera money can buy and capture these rare moments! I used a mirrorless camera, the Sony A7II for this shot; now replaced by the Sony A7III.

I always recommend you carry a tripod and for sunset shots like this, it’s a necessity. There’s no way to get long exposures shots like this without a way to stabilize your camera.

Have You Been To Bavaria?


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