foz de iguazu garganta del diablo

Garganta del Diablo (Puerto Iguazu, Argentina)

It literally means the throat of the devil in Portuguese. It is the most well-known section of Iguazu falls in Argentina. Its water is flowing from three distinct sides, which makes it exceptionally distinctive. In the Argentinean side, it’s likely to bring a pathway which goes directly over the region and makes a challenging spot to have a picture. The catwalk is a very wet experience where you’ll be in a constant barrage of water spray and your garments will wind up drenched. You’ll also have to constantly protect your expensive camera from having its electronics fried by liquid – I didn’t have a very expensive camera on this trip so I braved it and was able to set up my tripod on the platform to snap a few frames.

Have you been to Iguazu Falls?

ExposureManual exposure, 1/4,000 sec, f/8, ISO 400
CameraNikon D5100
LensNikkor  14 mm f/2.8
LocationPuerto Iguazu, Argentina