Stacking Hay Breb Maramures Romania

Stacking Hay Breb

Farmers stacking hay in Breb Maramures county Romania.

Breb is a village in the north-central part of the county of Maramures in the upper river basin of the northern piedmont Mara massif Gutai, 25 km from Sighet and 52 km from the county’s capital, Baia Mare. Together with Hoteni And Sat Şugatag, Breb village is {belongs|connected} to the Ocna Şugatag commune. The village’s border is quite {large|sizeable}, it is bordered {by|with} five municipalities: Budeşti, Serbs, Ocna Şugatag, Hoteni, Mara {and|as well as} a village area called Şurdeşti Lapus. The surroundings are amazing because of their rich vegetation and wildflowers that bloom in the summer and spring.

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