Bow River

Bow River

The Bow River Runs Through It

The Bow River flows south to the village of Lake Louise then turns east and flows through the town of Banff and throughout Canmore. The Ghost Lake reservoir is formed upstream from the town of Cochrane and can be seen through the Icefields Parkway.

The Bow flows eastward to the city of Calgary; it continues to form the South Saskatchewan River when the Bow joins with the Oldman River near Grassy Lake in southern Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. It reaches the Hudson Bay through the Saskatchewan River, Lake Winnipeg, and Nelson River.

Between 1910 and 1960, the Bow River was radically changed since it had been systematically designed to control its own water flow and provide hydroelectric power.

The seasonal summertime flooding in Calgary was a matter of the past. Water has been held by reservoirs during spring and summer, allowing steady power generation during winter and autumn.

Comparing 1924–33 to 1954–63, the Bow River’s January flow had roughly doubled 30 years later. Parts of the river, such as that of the previous Ghost Dam, had turned into lakes. These developments had environmental effects, too.

By way of instance, reservoirs allowed certain fish species, such as the brown trout, to outcompete other people, while other species virtually disappeared.

The designation of Banff as a national park marked a turning point in the public’s perception of the Bow River. The river started to be appreciated for its aesthetic value together with its agricultural and industrial applications.

Officials of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the company who led the development of Banff, realized this element. When work began on a brand new luxury hotel in Banff in 1886–87 – it was redesigned and reoriented the guests of the hotel would be able to see the vista of the Bow River.

Many ancient postcards from Banff, along with some recent ones, prominently featured the Bow River.

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