Tirana Albania Skyline 1
I spent a few days in Tirana, Albania. The capital city is surrounded by mountains. Well, Albania is mostly mountainous. One of the least popular European destinations and that’s too bad, I kind of liked it and I bet you would too! It reminds me of Bolivia – a bit dingy and mountainous.

One of the most unfortunate things I’ve noticed there (like Bolivia) is the trash. Trash is everywhere even all over century-old structures and relics.

Tirana Albania Skyline 3

I didn’t have a drone with me during this trip so I went to a bar with a view at the top – it was worth the overpriced cocktails just for the opportunity to take these photos. Tirana is a colorful place!

Tirana Albania Skyline 2

If you’re thinking about visiting Europe, do check this place out. It’s got a different vibe than other places in Europe – like East meets West sort of.

Category Travel
Exposure f16, ISO 100
Camera Sony A7III
Lens Sony FE 24-240mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Tirana, Albania
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