The State Capitol California in Sacramento

The State Capitol of California in Sacramento 

The State Capitol of California

This photo is in history. It was picked as one of the stamps produced by the US Postal service for their “State Capitols” themed stamp collection. I used to work here too back when Arnold Schwarzenegger was governor. In fact, it was taken during that time.

I also lived just a few blocks from here so whenever I saw the opportunity for a sunset (like this) I would run back home and grab my camera for a photo op. This photo is also used for the State Capitol Museum website, that incidentally, I also developed (it was my job there).

The building itself is made up of a museum and legislative body of the state. The building was the home of this California State Legislature since 1869. Although not generally considered earthquake country, Sacramento was hit by two earthquakes within days of each other in 1892 which damaged the Capitol but then went into renovation to become the building you see today.

Have you been to the State Capitol Museum in California?


Category Landscape
Exposure Manual exposure, 1/3 sec, ISO 100
Camera Canon EOS 5D
Lens Canon 28-75mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Sacramento, California


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