Meteora floating monastery Monastery of Rousanou
Meteora is an unusual rock formation where some Eastern Orthodox Monasteries are built. It’s located in the town of Kalambaka in central Greece. The monastery here is called the Rousanou Monastery, which was founded around the 6th century.

Meteora floating monastery panorama
Here’s a panoramic view of the same monastery if you follow the road up as it wraps around to the top. The rock formation isn’t composed of hard granite but, nonetheless, lots of rock-climbers make it a prime destination for rock climbing.

Meteora floating Monastery of Rousanousunset
No one really knows where the monasteries were built and with what primitive means. There’s only nets and ladders to haul people and material up. Somehow, they still managed to build these magnificent structures!

There are actually six monasteries in Meteora. I’ve just been more fascinated with Rousanou to pay attention to the other ones. Perhaps the next time I visit Greece, I’ll explore and take more photos of the other ones.

Category Travel
Exposure f16, ISO 100
Camera Sony A7III
Lens Sony FE 24-240mm
Filter Polarizer
Location Kalambaka, Greece
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