A good tent is what makes or breaks an outdoor adventure. At one point or another, every camper needs to invest in an excellent high-quality tent. It is the very thing that keeps you warm, comfortable, and secure in the wilderness. A tent can be the most expensive camping equipment you purchase, especially a 4 person tent, and you shouldn’t just buy the cheapest one you can get.

Luckily, we have done the vast majority of the grunt work for you and done all the research to save you money and, more importantly, time. In this article, we cover a variety of tents made for 4 persons and below such as tents for family camping, backpacking tents, car camping tents, four-season tents and a lot more.

Best Tents for Camping & Backpacking

If you’re looking for a bigger tent, take a look at our guides – 6 Person Tents, 8 Person Tents, and 10 Person Tents. If you’re perhaps looking for something a little lighter to huck out deep into the wilderness, take a look at our guide for the Best Backpacking Tents.

At the bottom of our list, you can read about how to pick the best 4 person tent for you and your family. It covers everything you ever need to know and what to look for, including meticulous reviews of the various parts of what makes an ideal tent.

Without further ado, here’s our pick for the best 4 person tents for camping in 2019:


REI Co-op Half Dome 4

Price: $329.99
Seasons: 3
Weight: 7 lbs
Packed Size:  7 x 24 inches
Peak Height: 48 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 1 hubbed pole set


REI Co-op Half Dome 4 If you’re looking for an extremely lightweight, very useable 4-person tent, you may shave nearly two pounds with the Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL 4 Tent, but the Copper Spur costs twice as much as the more affordable Half Dome. If you are attempting to outfit a household for a 3-mile increase in your very first mountain lake biking excursion, the REI Co-op Half Dome 4 wins the affordability battle. In reality, for many people, it might be better to spend your extra budget on milder sleeping pads and lighter sleeping bags compared to trying to conserve weight utilizing a tent buy independently.

As a backpacking tent it comes in at 7 lbs 1 ounce, it’s relatively light for its dimensions, it also has a lot of open nets, two doors, and two vestibules. The inside floor is 92″ by 92″, so it’s long enough to handle tall sleepers side-by-side as long as they’re sleeping backpacking sleeping pads, the regular versions of which are generally about 20 inches wide.

Situations where one person carrying a 4 person tent for four people are rare. Usually, it’s one tent for two persons, but the REI Dome can easily double up as a regular camping tent. Four adult people are kind of tight on this tent, but a family of two adults and two children will do fine. You might want to consider the REI Co-op Half Dome 3 Plus if you don’t care about the extra room.


  • Easy installation
  • Color-coded poles and pole clips
  • 4 ventilation vents
  • The hubbed, color-coded pole assembly makes it easy to set up
  • The ripstop panels in the lower portion of the tent provide privacy and reduce drafts
  • Lots of pockets and hang loops to help organize the interior
  • The fly design allows sides and ends to be rolled up to maximize views and airflow


  • Does not come with a footprint
  • A little on the expensive side
  • Guylines are not reflective
  • Most guylines are not attached to the fly


North Face Talus 4 Man Tent

Price: $299.00
Seasons: 3
Weight: 6 lbs. 11 oz.
Packed Size:  8.5 x 26 inches
Peak Height: 50 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 3


What we like about this The North Face Talus 4 Tent freestanding tent is that it fits an entire household without breaking the bank. But distance is best for parents with young children, not teens. It’s going to be tight to fit 4 adults in this relatively compact and lightweight tent. You can fit four adults easily if you alternate between feet to head on your sleeping arrangement. If you’re going deep into the backcountry, heavy camping gear is the last thing you need, and the Talus 4 will help make things easy for you.

If you are taking this tent deep into the backcountry with loud kids and active pets, the 70-denier nylon floor is more than durable enough to withstand it. For storms, the 75-denier polyester fly helps to protect you from the elements while also keeping the costs down. The rest of the tent materials are also made to be durable, though we note that the zippers would hit a snag now and then. This is something we hope would be addressed in subsequent versions of the tent.

The North Face Talus 4 Tent is one that you can easily carry from one place to another. It has a trail weight of 6 lbs 10 oz and coming to a total weight of 7 lbs 3 oz with everything included. The Talus tent is one of the most lightweight 4 man tents you will come across. Shaving all the weight doesn’t mean that the tent comes short on some key camping tent features. It has an internal area of 50 square feet and a peak of 127 inches hence falls within the recommended area for four-person tents.


  • Easy installation
  • Gear loft incorporated
  • Nice color
  • Low Heating
  • The fully seam-sealed canopy and floor keep you snug and dry
  • Ideal backpacking 4 person tent


  • Expensive
  • Not very well ventilated
  • Zippers will hit a snag now and then


Amagoing 4 Person Tent

Price: $62.99
Seasons: 4
Weight: 9.3 lbs
Packed Size:  N/A
Peak Height: 52 inches
Design Type: Pop up
Number of Poles: N/A


Amagoing 4 Person Tent Are you going on a one-time camping trip? Do you have to get the best small family tent on a budget? If your answer was”yes” for both of the questions above, the Amagoing tent is for you. The impressive 4.3-star average the manufacturer has confirmed that it’s worth more than the small price that you pay.

The Amagoing tent may not be the biggest one on our list, 180T polyester cloths were utilized in the plan of this tent, which sadly may be too narrow for many customers. Also, some users mentioned the difficulty with which they have to repack the tent. Besides that, the installation is reported to be very straightforward, and the overall tent is remarkably portable.

It can withstand gentle winds, but we don’t recommend taking it out on rugged terrain or if there is a gloomy forecast. Instead, we encourage you to utilize the Amagoing tent on the shore or perhaps for your children to play in the garden. Its pop up design makes it easy to set up as well.


  • One of the best household tent for the money
  • Simple but powerful layout
  • Simple to set up
  • Highly portable
  • Ideal for beach, backyard and fair-weather utilize
  • Super cheap


  • Materials are too thin
  • Tough to repack
  • Heavy
  • Limited use


Coleman Dome Tent 4 Man Tent

Price: $71.99
Seasons: 3
Weight: 10.24 lbs
Packed Size:  108 x 84 x 59 inches
Peak Height: 4 ft 11 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 3


Coleman Dome Tent The number one best-seller is manufactured by one of the biggest brands in the game and is loved by tens of thousands of customers across the country. At only about $50 on Amazon, you can not get any better than the value that you like with the Sundome 4. You can count on it as the top 4 individual family tent for virtually any budget.

When you listen to the brand name Coleman, you know that You’ll be dealing with expert design. The reputed company has created an excellent budget dome-style tent with the Sundome 4, which effectively withstands the heaviest of rainfall. The tent provides more than enough ventilation, thanks to the windows that are extortionate. Assembly should take somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes for the typical camper.

Even though Coleman is known for selling and making the best Camping tents for families, it sadly seems that their quality has lowered in time. Many customers reported that their poles broke easily. On the other hand, you’ve got a genuinely spacious tent that will shelter your 4-member household for a large number of camping trips.


  • Easily the best overall family tent on the market
  • Keeps campers quite dry
  • Spacious interior
  • Amazing venting
  • Perfect for summer camping
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up


  • Low-quality poles
  • Can’t zip up windows
  • Not recommended for cold weather
  • No footprint

Toogh 3-4 Person Camping Tent

Price: $89.86
Seasons: 3
Weight: 15.4 lbs
Packed Size:  10 x 31 inches
Peak Height: 67 inches
Design Type: Pop-Up
Number of Poles: N/A


Toogh Camping Tent You may not have heard of Toogh until now, but you’ll be pleased to discover they have one of the best family tents for lousy weather. The Toogh 4 Season is an Amazon best-seller with a huge 4.4-star average score from customers who bought it, with us included. Available for around $90 on Amazon, it is one of the best waterproof family tent choices you can consider for camping during any season. It is a fantastic example of a lesser-known brand with reliable products.

While looking for a 4-season tent, the layout is essential. You always need to watch for one that utilizes durable, quality materials that can withstand rain or shine. Toogh uses durable, 210D polyester fabrics due to their 4-season tent, which also comes with a 2-door layout. With 83 x 90 x 59-inch measurements and an 8.3 x 9 footprint, the Toogh 4-season also stands out as the ideal tent for a big family on our list. Ideally, it’s for a family of three and a family dog. Bigger families will need to look elsewhere as you might start to have movement issues inside.

Some users complained about cheap-feeling materials, but the Toogh tent can help you plow through adverse weather conditions during our tests. It seems that the company has some QA issues, with several tents breaking after taking them down, but you ought to contact their customer service if you get a defective unit.  Otherwise, the cross venting, waterproof materials, and pop-up structure will persuade you to purchase it.


  • Great all-weather tent (4 seasons)
  • Speedy assembly (pop-up layout )
  • Sealed around windows and doors
  • Spacious interior
  • Cross ventilation
  • Super-easy to set up (once figured out)


  • Inadequate quality assurance
  • Materials may feel economical
  • Lacking instructions


Kelty Sequoia 4

Price: $224.96
Seasons: 3
Weight: 19 lb 8 oz
Packed Size:  88 x 78 x 98 inches
Peak Height: 82 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 2


Kelty Sequoia Tent Kelty Sequoia 4 Tent, however, its poles’ design and construction are such that it is a dome tent. We would say this is a hybrid that comprises the best (and the worst) of the 2 designs. The great news is that it provides missing of headspace, but being so tall does not make it very great in strong winds.

The important feature is that it includes a full policy Fly, and it also has a huge vestibule. So this is something you will not find in a typical cabin tent; however, there are high exceptions -assess that Arctic Oven or the Coleman Octagon 8 tents as illustrations. The Kelty Sequoia is a double-layer design with the inner tent and the fly.

The Kelty Sequoia is freestanding; however, this applies mainly to the inner tent. This usually means that you can rotate and move it when you set this up. However, to have the vestibule fully operational, you will have to stake it to the floor, no worry stakes are included.

The inner floor area is 60 square feet (5.6 m²), and This Means 15 ft² (1.4 m²) per person for the announced 4-person capacity. So they use the backpacking principle to get the tent, which is not constructed for backpackers. This is a massive camping tent for real camping; this does not look enough.

However, you have a large vestibule that offers an additional 35 Feet ² (3.3 m²) of the protected area. In any case, we would downgrade it to 3 people maximum. The waterproofness rating that is an actual 3-season tent that is going to keep you dry in any weather conditions.


  • Total coverage
  • Very dependable tent
  • Fantastic vestibule
  • Great height
  • Steel poles
  • Private mesh panels
  • Silent zipper pulls


  • Quite tiny pockets
  • Not cheap
  • Small area per person


CORE 4 Person Dome Tent

Price: $107.99
Seasons: 3
Weight: 7.46 lb
Packed Size:  24 x 7.5 x 7 inches
Peak Height: 54 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 2


CORE Dome Tent This tent includes a 100% polyester material that is waterproof. The core H20 block technology adds to its plumbing capabilities. You can easily put one queen air mattress, which you can use with your buddies. It has a gear attic that also has a lantern hook for convenience. Using its pockets, then you can keep your things organized and off from the floor. Constructing the tent is easy and can only take a few minutes.

The venting is outstanding; you can adjust the air intake vent created to allow the cool air in, and the mesh ceiling lets hot air escape to keep the interior comfortable no matter what the weather is. It’s zippered privacy panels on windows and doors to help you organize your equipment.

One of the vital attributes of backpacking tents is that it needs to be lightweight. It has to be something that will fit in your backpack together with your other gear, and you shouldn’t worry about ripping or having problems should you want to use the tent longer. In this regard, the CORE Tent should be one consideration no the top of your list.


  • It is watertight
  • You can keep your items safe in the clothing pockets.
  • With excellent venting
  • Simple to set up and store
  • Good weatherproofing
  • Relatively lightweight so you can use for backpacking
  • Electrical port access


  • The tent does not ship to many states
  • Zipper sometimes get stuck
  • Poles aren’t that sturdy


Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

Price: $171.99
Seasons: 3
Weight: 6 lbs 4 oz
Packed Size:  99 x 56 x 80 inches
Peak Height: 54 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 2


Kelty Salida Tent The Kelty Salida 2 is a two-person freestanding tent that includes both an inner tent along with a separate rain fly. The inner tent is made almost completely out of the net to permit ventilation. The floor of the inner tent is a PU coated bathtub floor design, and there’s a large side door that opens into the vestibule generated by the rain fly. Creates the aforementioned front vestibule and two doors that can be secured using guy lines.

The fly is fully seam-sealed to enhance the water resistance Of the Salida 2 out of the box, but the flooring tiles of the inner tent are not. If you plan to use the Salida 2 in wet weather, make certain to seal the floor or use a footprint to prevent water from seeping into the ground area of the inner tent.

The freestanding tent layout makes it extremely fast, and The comprised collapsible aluminum rods are attached using shock cord and cross each other at the top of the tent. The poles are connected to the interior tent using a clip system, so there’s no need to fish tent poles through fabric sleeves like so many cheaper tents.

Once the inner tent has been pitched, the rain fly only drapes over the inner tent and pole construction and is fastened to the corner clips located on the inner tent. Although utilizing collapsible tent sticks rather than repurposing trekking sticks usually adds a lot of weight to the kayak, the freestanding layout makes it simple to erect this tent in just about any place within a couple of minutes.


  • Plenty of mesh venting in the inner tent
  • Pitches fast and easily thanks to the collapsible
  • Aluminum tent poles and clip system
  • Includes gear attic and Lots of loops and pockets for storage
  • Lots of vestibule space to store equipment outside of the tent
  • Priced much lower than tents of equal weigh
  • Color-coded clip and fly attachment


  • Terrible ventilation once the rain fly is attached also fully closed against inclement weather
  • Tent bag isn’t up to snuff
  • Low performance in humid weather


Kelty Grand Mesa Tent 4 Person Tent

Price: $189.46
Seasons: 3
Weight: 7 lbs 7 oz
Packed Size:  12 x 15 inches
Peak Height: 56 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 2


This tent is the bigger brother to the Kelty Kelty Grand Mesa Tent Grand Mesa 2 backpacking tent. We will run through some of the features of this tent beneath, but there are two amazing things about this particular tent we wish to mention first. Primarily, one thing that strikes us about some backpacking tents is how embarrassing they are to get into. It is like manufacturers expect you to become either a contortionist or an ex-miner who’s accustomed to lugging 40lb packs while dangling double.

Not Kelty.

Even with all the flyout, the outside door rolls to make it super easy to change gear in and outside of the tent.

The next feature we love is the packaging. Rather than the conventional sausage-shaped stuff sack that feels two sizes too small for the actual tent, the Grand Mesa 4 comes in a roll-top carry block that seems somewhat like a sterile bag.

The rectangular shape appears much easier to pack in the trunk Of your vehicle and the poles split into shorter segments than most backpacking tents – good news if you are attempting to match them into your backpack or bicycle panniers.

Designed as an all-around, multi-purpose tent, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 is versatile and will not break the bank. Let’s take a better look at some of its attributes.


  • Spacious interior
  • Reasonably priced
  • Packs down into little sections
  • Good for backpacking
  • Can withstand harsh weather
  • Not too heavy


  • Cramped for four individuals
  • Limited storage and vestibule distance
  • Tent poles aren’t great
  • Tent stakes


Eureka Copper Canyon 4 Man Tent

Price: $172.46
Seasons: 3
Weight: 23 lbs
Packed Size:  7 inches by 26 inches
Peak Height: 7 feet
Design Type: Cabin Style
Number of Poles: 9


Eureka Copper Canyon Out of all of the tents on our listing, the EUREKA Copper Canyon 4 has the best for family camping tents reviews (4.5-star average score). Indeed, at approximately $200, the model is on the expensive side, but your investment will probably be worthwhile. The tent also doubles as one of the best large family tents with a massive 7-foot center height.

You’ll definitely be a happy camper when heading out with the It was designed to offer a ton of ventilation, as this tent has windows on either side. Additionally, the roof is full net, providing more refreshing air and an all-night stargazing opportunity in comfort. Additionally, with a considerable center height, this EUREKA! The tent can also be among the best cabin tents for families searching for this particular style.

Finally, We’ve got an excellent top tent that can withstand not only high winds but also intense rainstorms. Although a lot of companies promote their tents as being”100% waterproof”, few are in reality. Copper Canyon 4, even though, is praised as one of the top dry tents available on the industry. We do recommend getting a poly tarp to protect the floor, as the fabric is just like the walls. Once you have one, you’re guaranteed to have a dreamy camping experience.


  • Finest family tent for tall persons
  • Terrific ventilation
  • Mesh roof to stargazing
  • Convenient gear loft
  • Ideal for glamping
  • Relatively weather resistant
  • Electronic port


  • Poor flooring material
  • Setup may be problematic for a few
  • Single-door design
  • Heavy


Weanas Backpacking 4 Person Tent

Price: $100.99
Seasons: 3
Weight: 5 .8 lbs
Packed Size:  17.6 x 17 x 16.5 inch
Peak Height: 53 inches
Design Type: Dome
Number of Poles: 2


Weanas Camping Tent Weanas backpacking tent comes in several different sizes in 2,3,4 person tents. Weighing in at around 5.8 pounds for the 4 person tent and around 4 pounds for the 2 person size. It’s one of the lighter tents we have attempted, and set it up was a breeze. So you get fine waterproofing while remaining breathable. Of course, we loved the two-door system that comes in handy, with many more people crammed inside.

The rainfly also has a folded canopy that may be propped up with hiking poles for the extra shaded lounging area. The footprint is made from 150D Anti-Tear Oxford Cloth along Using a 5000mm waterproof indicator. Installation is a breeze using powerful, lightweight aluminum sticks with ultralight plastic clips that easily attach the tent body to the pole frame.

Perhaps our biggest complaint is the interior did feel a bit cramped, so perhaps get one size bigger, and we observed that the zipper would often catch the flap on the outside when zipping up. However, for the money, it’s one of the most affordable 4 person backpacking tents in the market.


  • Lightweight at under 6 pounds
  • Breathable
  • 2 doors for easy entry and exit
  • Very easy setup
  • Cheap
  • Waterproof


  • Inside less roomy as we would like
  • Problems with the zipper catching on tent material


Marmot Limelight 4P Tent

Price: $379.00
Seasons: 3
Weight: 7 lbs. 15 oz.
Packed Size:  9 x 27 inches
Peak Height: 54 inches
Design Type: Freestanding
Number of Poles: 4


Marmot Limelight Tent The Marmot Limelight Tent sets up quickly with the easy to follow color-coded clip and DAC rod pitch system. All seams are fully taped for a watertight seal, making you confident in the rainy season. The canopy and rainfly are created of 68 denier polyester ripstop, and the fly includes a 1,800 mm water-resistant coating.

The flooring includes 70 denier nylon with a 3,000 mm waterproof coating. The Limelight 4-person scooter comes with a Jacuzzi repair kit, gear loft, and footprint. The tent offers an area for 4 people, with around 1.22 square meters each person at the tent along with 2 large vestibules for gear.

The pole construction is a stable free-standing. Two extended loop poles are spanned, making an x-shaped structure, and round them, you will find 2 brow sticks that run parallel to each other out of the top points of one door to the doorway on the other side of their kayak, you can view them at the image above.

Free-standing is a great feature, so it’s possible to pitch the tent at almost any environment, no matter the surface. You would be in a problem on a rocky or icy terrain using a non-freestanding tent.


  • True space for four adults
  • Near vertical walls increase the floor area
  • Two quad-core doors provide many options
  • Complete coverage rainfly
  • Lampshade pocket securely holds your headlamp so that you can use it to light up your living space
  • The seam-taped full-coverage fly with vents keeps out water out


  • Heavy interior rainfly condensation in cooler climes
  • Four corners orange-colored webbing gets dirty fast
  • No pressure adjustment on a comprised loose-fitting footprint

What to Look for in a 4 Person Tent

Here are the main factors you should be looking out for before you purchase a new 4 Person Tent.


A rainfly is a segregated watertight cover designed to fit over the roof of the tent. You want to utilize it if there’s dew or rain, or some time that you want to get a bit more warmth. Two sorts of rainfly are generally utilized.

Full-coverage rainfly delivers maximum protection against rain and the end. Roof-only rainfly allows more light and views when supplying nice protection against rain.

Tent Poles

The sticks of a kayak decide how difficult or easy it’s to throw a kayak. All types of household tents today are almost freestanding. This usually means they don’t need bets to install. The massive benefit of doing so is that you can pick the tent up and transfer it to another place prior to repainting. You might quickly shake the dirt out of it until you take it all down.

Fewer sticks allow setups to become simpler and quicker. It’s far simpler to link sticks into clips as it’s when putting them into extended rod sleeves. A good deal of tents utilizes clips in addition to shorter rod sleeves to make setup easier, allow more venting and equilibrium strength.

Pole clips and color-coded corners create installation much quicker. Aluminum sticks are somewhat more durable and more durable when compared to fiberglass.

If you’re buying, understand that rain flies along with more magnificent cloth canopies are somewhat more demanding in contrast to lower-denier versions. You need to also large denier fabric and seam tape onto the tent flooring to decrease the probability of leaking.

Tent Doors

While picking your tent, then you ought to consider the number of doors that you want to have together with the orientation and the contour. Should you camp with your loved ones, many doors can allow you to prevent scaling over for toilet breaks.

Tents styled, such as cottages, also tend to glow in the region. You also need to listen to how noisy or straightforward the doorways would be to start and closed off. YKK zippers across the doors also withstand breaking up and snagging a ton better than many others.

Awnings or shelters could also be attached to a tent so you can shield or maintain your muddy and dusty boots with your packs from this rain. They are a substantial portion of their add-on goods or the rainfly that are individually sold.

If you’re tall, over 6 ft, or when you would rather have extra distance, you need to think about a tent with a floor span of 90 inches rather than the normal 84-88 inches.


Granite panels are ordinarily utilized in doors, windows, and ceilings of all halls. This assists you with perspectives along with cross-ventilation, so you’re able to deal with the warmth. For hot, humid climates, attempt to find larger mesh panels.

Peak Height

In the event you would like to have the ability to stand up once you change your laundry or take pleasure in the atmosphere of a ceiling, then attempt to hunt for a tent having a high peak elevation (recorded on the spec charts).

Tents with cottage styles display near-vertical walls, so it’s possible to use the overall peak height in addition to the space that is manageable.

Tents with dome fashions have exceptional strength in addition to wind-shedding capacities, both being functional on a stormy day. They stand high in the middle; however, their walls have much more, just like a slope that lessens the quantity of space.

Inner Pocket and Hoops

Even a lantern loop is generally placed in the top center of the ceiling of a jar to get lantern hanging. Loops on interior tent partitions may be used to join a meshing shelf (a gear attic ( separately marketed ) to maintain small items from the floor of your tent. Similarly, inside pockets keep your tent arranged.

Guy Out Loops

Tents using a higher quality will proceed come with loops around the outer region of the tent body, so you’re able to attach man lines. Guy lines will permit you to batten the hatches down-without flapping fabric-during powerful winds.


We’ve covered a lot of ground on helping you decide which tent to get for backpacking and family get together and campground camping. There’s plenty of tents in the market, but we’ve taken the confusion of searching for the best 4 person tent for you and your family.  We’ve also covered which attributes to look for when choosing the next 4 person tent, so you are well armed with the knowledge when you shop for a new one.

Ready to go camping? Get our Camping Checklist before you go, or if you are going on an RV – check out our RV Camping Checklist!


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