Europe is a continent like no other as you can quickly and easily tour a long list of countries in a relatively short space of time. After all, crossing borders are very easy. Meanwhile, the size and infrastructure are more accommodating for visiting many places than say Asia or South America. This makes European backpacking adventures particularly popular.     

If you’re going to take this type of trip, however, it’s imperative that you do so in style. Here are half a dozen tips that will make you look like a seasoned pro, even if it is your first adventure of this ilk.

Backpacking Europe Like A Pro

Interact With Others   

Many backpackers travel solo. This gives you the power to do everything on your bucket list rather than compromise with the group. It also makes it the challenge feel far more testing while actively encouraging interaction with others.

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A little research into the cultures and local people can serve you well. It may even unearth some new ideas on places to visit. However, you can also get talking to fellow backpackers on various forums and social media groups before your departure. This in itself can remove some of the fear.

Human interactions are as crucial to your trip as the explorational activities. Besides, you could pick up some great tips.

The Amazing Village of Riomaggiore in Italy

The Amazing Village of Riomaggiore in Italy

Mix City Life With Natural Beauty

As a backpacker, you’ll be determined to see and do as many things as possible. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Rome Colosseum, or London’s Big Ben doesn’t matter. Those manmade attractions are certain additions. But you mustn’t overlook the natural ones.

Europe has some beautiful sceneries to explore. This is especially true when hiking through Norway or watching the Northern Lights in Iceland. In truth, missing out on the joys of Mother Nature at her best would be a huge mistake. Finding that balance is key.

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Apart from anything else, it’s the perfect way to get some truly stunning photos on your trip. 

backpacking europe

A lake in the High Tatras. Popradské Pleso.

Travel Light  

When backpacking through Europe, it’s important to give yourself enough time to enjoy each location. Nonetheless, it’s likely that you’ll be on the move fairly regularly. As such, you don’t want to overdo it when packing. Otherwise, you’ll make getting around far more testing.

Whether traveling by airplane, coach, or train doesn’t matter. Choosing the perfect cabin carry-on from Rimowa is the ideal way to remain ready for all journeys. Apart from the practicality, keeping your belongings safe and secure should be a priority.     

Many hostels have cheap clothes washing facilities. If not, most towns will have a laundrette that can be used. Just remember to avoid the expensive hotel services.

Get More From Your Smartphone

A lack of communication back home was once a major concern when backpacking across the globe. Thankfully, modern tech has changed everything. You won’t get very far without power, which is why a portable charger is essential.

There are various accessories and Apps that allow you to talk with people back home. Nonetheless, you will need internet access. A MiFi personal hotspot from Good Speed can solve any potential issues. This will save you time and money while preventing stress throughout the trip.

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As for the trip itself, a translator App and an App to display your pre-booked e-tickets should work wonders.     

Build An Itinerary

The Ultimate Travel Planning List

Your backpacking trip is a vacation, so you don’t want to suck the fun out of it by being overly regimented. Nevertheless, having a basic idea of what you plan to do is key. Not only will it prevent the threat of missing out on attractions, but it’ll make the trip better.

Booking railcards for the duration of your stay give you a little versatility with travel. Meanwhile, booking accommodation with free cancellations can work wonders too. Just remember that the earlier you book, the more choice you’ll have. This can only enhance your adventures.

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Besides, this is also the best way to keep family and friends informed about where you will be at any given time. This should put their minds at ease.

Be Ready To Eat Cheap

Food is the one expense that can quickly drain your funds. After all, it’s very to miscalculate the costs, especially when you are away for some time. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to the occasional fine dining, but most locations are blessed with cheap places to eat. Use them.

It also pays to plan ahead and prepare your own meals using foods bought from supermarkets. Perhaps the biggest issue, however, relates to water. Drinking tap water in other countries can cause stomach problems, but a filtering bottle overcomes that issue. The impact can be magnificent.

And if your accommodation includes breakfast or lunch, take advantage of that offer. Traveling on an empty stomach is never the answer.

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