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Exploring Shanghai In 48 Hours

Why visit Shanghai? Shanghai is a glamorous city situated on the coast of the Yangtze River in Eastern China, well-known as a financial, technological and tourism center. It is definitely worth visiting as it came to be one of the top international cities and tourist destinations in the world. It […]

15 Android Travel Apps You Will Actually Use In 2016

If you’re anything like a gadget and techie geek like me, the smartphone is like an extension of your body. It’s likely glued to your hand while you follow directions from Google Maps to your destination. You probably document your travels religiously on Instagram or Facebook. Android travel apps have […]

A Day in Timisoara Romania: Little Vienna

If you’ve read any of my earlier articles, you’d realize that Romania is one of my favorite countries to explore. During my stay in Romania, Timisoara was a city often recommended by locals. First, I stayed in Budapest to serve the visa requirements of 90 days out of the country. […]

Skip Puno go to Copacabana

At first sight of Puno, Peru the word “dive” immediately comes to mind. No, I don’t mean dive in the beautiful blue sparkling lake called Titicaca in which it’s nestled in. I mean like a dive bar, the place is a dump. It’s a bunch of ugly clay buildings and […]

A Day in Bratislava: The Beauty on the Danube

Where is Bratislava? It’s the capital of Slovakia which has always been a country at the top of my list. Being based out of Budapest for the time being, I have quick and easy access to both Western and Eastern European excursions. The train ride from Budapest to Bratislava is only […]

A Day in Barcelona: What to Do

I spent a week and a half in Barcelona. During that time most of what I’ve done was going out to party so my memory is a little hazy from the amount of Sangria consumed. A day in Barcelona wouldn’t be enough to truly enjoy what the city has to […]

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